Public Finance

Firm attorneys have coordinated with bond counsel, financial advisors and underwriters concerning financing such as general obligation bonds, Proposition 39 bonds and Certificates of Participation. The firm has extensive experience with public financing for affordable housing and has negotiated layered financing structures involving tax credit and new market financing and other federal, state and local financing.

The firm specializes in:

  • All forms of public borrowing
  • The sale and purchase of various types of tax-exempt bonds
  • Bond and note financing, tax, & general legal matters
  • Taxation & interest
  • Public disclosures
  • Student Loans
  • Affordable Housing
  • Solid waste disposal
  • Preparing and advising on various official documents of issuance
  • Issuer disclosure counsel
  • Underwriter's counsel for due diligence
  • "10b-5" opinion
  • Rights, remedies, & capital recovery
  • Always up-to-date on IRS & SEC laws & regulations
  • Securities & securities fraud