DPMC has expertise in the legal formation and structuring of non-profit corporations, and provides full-service council and legal advice to both public benefit and social purpose organizations.

Non-profit clients that DPMC serves include religious, health and educational organizations, animal rescue, arts and culture, childcare and advocacy organizations.

The firm services include:

  • Start-up and legal formation of (c)3; (c)4; (c)5; and (c)6
  • Labor and employment law
  • Non-profit structuring
  • Zoning laws & regulations
  • Entity filing & reporting requirements
  • Tax & regulatory needs
  • Transparency
  • Philanthropy/Endowments
  • Up-to-date government policy notifications
  • Full-service counsel, liability, and legal advice
  • Board of Director/Stakeholder guidance
  • Board rules & regulations
  • Organizational management
  • Non-profit dissolution guidance
  • Litigation