Insurance and Suretyship

DPMC specializes in insurance defense, coverage advice and litigation of insurance and surety matters including:

  • First party coverages
  • Third party coverage
  • Bad faith, and the
  • Interpretation and application of insurance policies

The firm advises on:

  • Coverage determinations
  • Submitting claims
  • Fair practice regulations
  • Underwriting
  • California’s genuine dispute rule, bad faith, as well as pursuing coverage under various policy types, and securing rights to defense and indemnify under contracts and additional insured endorsements.

With insurance requirements increasing for major development projects, DPMC attorneys are well positioned to address claims, coverage determinations and bad faith issues. In addition to insurance issues, the firm handles:

  • Bonded obligations
  • Suretyship
  • E&O claims often involving design professionals and engineers, particularly with the growing use of design-build delivery methods. This includes performance, payment, bid and improvement bonds, and environmental liability for soils contamination
DPMC’s expertise extends to takeover and tender arrangements following a principal’s default or termination, developing an excellent reputation with sureties to minimize transitional impacts while work on large projects is re-competed and placed.