Land Use, Real Property, Environmental and Development

DPMC attorneys have decades of combined experience in all aspects of complex land use matters, environmental review and compliance and real property transactions. Having represented clients in all aspects of real estate development, including:

  • Land Acquisition
  • Land use entitlements
  • Financing for residential and commercial developments

The real property team negotiates and drafts contracts and legislation on virtually any property related issue – from leases to acquisition, private/public joint partnerships, intergovernmental agreements, and financing. The team is highly experienced with redevelopment regulatory matters and transaction processing, including advising on all aspects of the development review process. Attorneys are experienced in the California Coastal Act, CEQA/NEPA compliance and implementation, and SB375 sustainability plans for greenhouse gas emissions reduction. In addition to the “Quality of Life” initiative, and the requirements of SB 375, and on planning overall, the firm handles environmental cleanup issues, including compliance with the RWQCB and the San Diego County DEH requirements. Services also include:

  • Processing land use entitlements
  • Drafting land use regulations and policies
  • Updating general plans, including their housing elements and climate action plans

DPMC advises on conservation easements and project compliance with multiple species habitat conservation programs and the preparation of environmental documents such as:

  • Initial studies
  • Negative declarations
  • Mitigated negative declarations
  • Environment impact reports
DPMC advises public entities on affordable housing law and regulatory matters involving inclusionary housing, smart growth strategies and sustainable community policies. They provide legal counsel on affordable housing law and regulatory matters involving inclusionary housing, density bonuses and CEQA review related to infill and transit oriented projects. The firm’s extensive expertise involves subdivisions, common interest developments, and manufactured housing. Advice relating to the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan, the Subdivision Map Act and general consistency and compliance with local general plans, specific plans and development agreements. The firm has represented parties with infrastructure permitting with the ACOE including 400, 404 and streambed alteration agreements and conservation easements as part of public transportation and infrastructure development. The firm is experienced with Wildlife Agency take permits, 1602 permitting and regulations under multispecies conservation laws and the implementation of mitigation and monitoring compliance and has advised private and public agency clients through Coastal Commission permitting for Coastal Development Permits and local agency certification of local coastal plans and LCP amendments.