Municipal Law, Government Relations, Public Agency

The attorneys in DPMC’s Municipal Law/Government Relations practice group have over 150 years of combined experience working with and representing municipalities, public entities and private parties in municipal and public law matters. The firms Municipal Law/Government Relations and Public Agency team is multi-disciplinary in nature, involving lawyers who regularly counsel clients in the areas of:

  • General municipal law
  • Land use
  • Real estate & development
  • Labor and Employment law
  • Public finance law
  • Environmental law
  • Construction law
  • Campaign and elections
  • Ethics and litigation

DPMC provides public and private sector clients with proactive guidance and risk analysis for creative problem solving in the public agency arena. DPMC’s attorneys provide extensive knowledge and practical experience in such matters as:

  • Land Use and Environmental Issues
  • Employment Disputes
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Public Works Contracts
  • Eminent Domain

The types of matters handled on a regular basis include, but are not limited to:

  • Open meeting laws
  • Zoning
  • Public contracting
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Elections laws
  • Ordinance & resolution drafting
  • Special assessments
  • Licensing
  • Public Records Act
  • Code violations
  • Capital improvement projects
  • Joint agency agreements
  • Redevelopment
  • Affordable housing
  • Fees and taxes

DPMC is proud to represent Cities, Public/Private entities, water districts, community college districts, business improvement districts and others as Special Counsel, City Attorney and General Counsel. All members of our firm have substantial experience and have garnered an excellent reputation representing public entities. This reputation is based on extensive experience in and knowledge of the applicable laws and special requirements for these entities including:

  • Public Meeting Rules
  • Nonprofit and Corporate Law
  • The Brown Act
  • The Tort Claims Act
  • The Public Records Act
  • FPPC/Election Issues
  • Conflict of Interest Laws
  • Government Code
  • Corporate Code Immunities

The firm’s experience encompasses all aspects of advisory support, including legislative drafting, public contract negotiation and drafting, regulatory review and conduct of public meetings and hearings.